Parts of the Khan Academy interface overlap

We have received feedback that for many users the new layout has some unfortunate consequences. Elements of the design are overlapping, which hides part of the content. In some cases this is only evident at browser zooms over 100%. For others, setting the zoom to 100% makes no difference.

Because this is a general problem it is not feasible to list all the possible consequences of the error. This is just an example list:

  • Video points or top of video covered by frame
  • Hints or part of question covered by frame
  • Report a problem link covered

If you notice other partially covered content that make functionality inaccessible, or suspect that content is entirely covered, please send a Help request from that page if possible, and through the Help center if not. Even if we cannot list all the pages where this is a problem here, we'd like to check if your issue is related or not.

Khan Academy is working on a solution. Meanwhile we apologize for the issue.

Examples of covered content:

Video points partially covered by frame


Hints and/or part of question covered by frame


Report a problem link covered

Ref. layout2016_covered

August 23 2016





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