Why did Khan Academy redesign the site layout?

In May 2016 Khan Academy launched a new design for our main website.  The team wanted to give some insight into why we did this and what short- and long-term improvements we expect to see from it.

  • Room to flex. We needed more flexibility in how we present our content, so that we can grow, experiment, and adapt our designs more quickly as we learn what’s working well and what isn’t yet. We have plans for more and different types of content that couldn’t fit into our old design.
  • Preparing to scale. We need to be able to handle large amounts of content better, since we are growing our library so quickly. Keep an eye out for more and more content being added to Khan Academy every week!
  • Flexible groupings. We needed to be able to group our content in different ways, so that we can try things like aligning our content to classes that you use in the real world, like AP subjects, state curriculums, and other common courses.
  • Performance. We needed to be able to make the site load faster, so that you can start learning faster, and so others with poor access to internet can still have a good learning experience on Khan Academy.
  • Phones and tablets. Since so many learners access Khan Academy on their phones and tablets, we needed a design that could shrink to fit comfortably on smaller screens. The new design makes it easier and quicker for us to create and improve the site across all sizes.
  • Expose more content. We also wanted to better expose the broad range of content Khan Academy has, since so many people don't realize all of the things you can learn on our site.



We’ve been listening to and incorporating feedback for many months—in fact we have been testing the new design with dedicated alpha and beta users since early December 2015. Because of this we were able to adapt the new designs to fit the needs of our users from very early on.

And we’re still open to more feedback—many folks have noticed we’ve always been experimenting with new and old elements of the site—we’re always wanting to make the site better for you. We’re thankful to everyone for their input so far!

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