Why is Khan Academy making changes to Math missions?


We’re always working to improve our math missions. Whether improving existing exercises, adding new exercises, or trimming down a mission to make it more focused, our goal is simple: make it easier for students to learn.

Our calculus mission changes are particularly large, so they deserve a special explanation. Our existing calculus missions mix many skills at different difficulty levels into a single learning experience. The new and improved missions are more focused, allowing you to learn and master one concept at a time.

Our statistics mission changes are also significant and worthy of special explanation. Our old mission covered all of the statistics from middle school through early college. Our new mission is trimmed down, now focused exclusively on high school statistics. Don't worry, we haven't removed any content from the site. If you're looking for a specific exercise or video, you'll still be able to find it outside the mission.

Other missions changed too, but not as much as calculus and statistics. If you have questions about any changes, contact us through our Help Center.


Will there be more changes to Math missions in the future?

We’re always working to improve our Math missions. When we make updates, we'll communicate them as best we can.


Last updated September 22, 2017



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