How do I remove my email from my child's account?


You'll need a new email address, at least temporarily, if the child is younger than 13, and long-term if the child is older. Free email accounts are easy to create. Many email providers also give you the opportunity to create alias accounts for your main email account.


If your child is 13 or older

  • Let the child log in and go to the account Settings.
  • Under Linked accounts, press Connect another email. Follow the instructions carefully, clicking the buttons that appear.
  • Disconnect the email you want to disconnect, and log out.

You should now be able to use that email to create another account if you want to, and your child will have a way to retrieve their password if the password is forgotten.


If your child is younger than 13

While schools have the option of adding (restricted) emails to child accounts (users younger than 13), parents of children younger than 13 must create parent accounts with their own email addresses. If your child's account was created with your email address, you'll need to:

  • Create an adult account for yourself with a second email address.
  • Log out and let your child log in.
  • Have your child add you (with the second email address) as a parent under the Coaches tab (You'll be added as a coach either way).
  • Contact the Khan Academy Help Center by pressing the Report a problem button in the Help center, and file a birthday change request, explaining the situation.


Note: Please remember to report your child's birthday and that you want the email address on that account to be removed. It is in the interest of your child that they receive the protection of a child account.

  • An agent will change your child's birthday and remove the email address from the account and report back to you. 
  • You can add your original email address to your new account that is connected with your child as a parent.


Last updated October 12, 2017

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