How do I get started on exercise/articles/descriptions/platform translations?


As you probably know, Khan Academy is not just about videos! Our platform is full of exercises and interactive greatness, and those things need translator attention too. We use a tool called Crowdin In-Context for translating our exercises, articles or platform (website & mobile strings). Before getting started, you should have an account on Crowdin and make sure you’ve joined the translation team of your language. Follow these steps below.

Note: Do not translate directly on Crowdin. Always translate on, our Translator Portal. Crowdin contains some outdated strings that don't need to be translated.

  1. Click here to start, and sign up for an account.
  2. Once you have an account, go to our project page. Choose your language.

  3. Click Join on the top of the page to join the team of your language.

  4. You will see a window telling you that you will receive an approval within 7 days. If there is an advocate for your language, that advocate will usually approve new users for the Crowdin project. If there isn’t an advocate or the advocate doesn’t approve them, you should ask ( to approve.

  5. After joining translation team on Crowdin, you can start translation through one of those two methods below.




What can I translate?

Translation Portal

You can see everything to translate and the translation progress as well.

exercise, articles

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Strings to translate will appear in the user interface and you can see the results immediately after committing a translation.

descriptions, platform


Last updated October 17, 2017

Images updated October 17, 2017

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