Is Khan Academy available in other languages?

Yes! The long-term goal of the translation project is to launch full-featured Khan Academy platforms in the world's languages. We are working on languages below.


Live sites

A localized platform available to all Khan Academy users

Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt), French (fr), Turkish (tr), Norwegian (nb), Hindi (hi), Polish (pl)

Test sites

A functioning site with a subset of content to be used by a small set of test learners / parents / classrooms

বাংলা (Bengali)

български (Bulgarian)

dansk (Danish)

Nederlands (Dutch)

ქართული (Georgian)

Deutch (German)


монгол (Mongolian)

Српски (Serbian)

Lite sites

The temporary page until live platform is ready

Bahasa Indonesian (Indonesian)

Bahasa Malaysian (Malay)

čeština (Czech)

isiXhosa (Xhosa)

italiano (Italian)

Norsk bokmål (Norwegian)

Ελληνικά (Greek)

русский (Russian)

українська (Ukrainian)

հայերեն (Armenian)


اردو (Urdu)

العربية (Arabic)


తెలుగు (Telugu)

ไทย (Thai)

中文 (简体中文, 中国) (Simplified Chinese)

日本語 (Japanese)

Getting started

No published translations in a given language

You can find them on youtube channel by searching KhanAcademy+your language

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