How do I change the Recent missions on my dashboard

The Learner dashboard has space for 3 recent World of math missions. Recent missions are short cuts to missions you have worked on - but not all kinds of work count towards placing your latest mission on the dashboard. This is how to change Recent missions deliberately.

In the example below, the mission 6th grade (U.S.) should be replaced by, say High School Geometry.

1) Go to the mission you want to see, i.e. High School Geometry. Do an ordinary exercise or a mastery challenge on that mission. 

If you try watching a video or reading an article, or doing exercises on that article, 

for instance,  this will not be enough to put the new mission on your dashboard.

Now, if you have done an ordinary exercise or mastery challenge on that mission, and go to your dashboard, you'll see from left to right under Recent missions:

  • High school geometry
  • Algebra 1
  • 6th grade (U.S.)

This is because there is only room for three recent mission, and because the one to be removed is always the one to the far right. To see the three missions you want, you need to repeat the process for Precalculus.

2) Go to the Precalculus mission and do one ordinary exercise on it. Then go to your dashboard.

Result of doing one ordinary exercise on the High school geometry and then on the Precalculus mission:

If you want them to appear in a particular order that might take more fiddling!

If you have less than three Recent missions and accidentally add another, there is no way going back to just one or two Recent missions.

You cannot add non-World of math missions to Recent missions, nor can you add the mission Math for fun and glory.


Nov. 11 2016


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