Why don't my videos show as watched? (possible workaround)


This concerns instances where the user has watched the video in a browser, and where there is evidence in the Activity tab that the video was played.

A number of users have reported that after fully watching a video, the video menu sometimes does not display the watched color for the bullet in front of the video name. Usually, the bullet is pale as if only parts of the video were watched. Sometimes no color change is visible.

Possible workaround: A user has reported that when this happens, watching the video in full screen will cause the menu button to show the right color.

Reporting this issue: If you have this problem, please send a Help request containing answers to the questions below (or as many of them that you can reply to):

  • What is the URL to at least one video where this is happening?
  • What is the current color of the menu bullet?
  • When you were watching the video, did you have several browsers open on Khan Academy, and is it possible that you logged out of one browser while watching the video?
  • What happens if you try to watch the video in another browser (if possible)?
  • Did you see any indication that the video was “different” from what you usually see? Any background colors, frames, or messages that were not as you are used to? If so a screenshot pointing out the difference would be very helpful.
  • Are there any red-colored errors in the Console report and, if so, what do they say?
  • Does the suggested workaround help?


Thank you for helping us improve Khan Academy!

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