Some math skills can't be recommended from my coach tools (partial workaround)

Some math subjects have exercises that do not show up in the Coach reports and cannot be recommended to students.


Skill visible in 8th grade (US) mission menu but not in 8th grade (US) Coach reports and tools

Number of solutions to a system of equations graphically - shows up in World of Math

Skill visible in Algebra I mission menu but not in Algebra I Coach reports and tools

Multiply monomials by polynomials: Area model - does not show up in World of Math


  • A few of these skills do show up under World of math. To make recommendations or check student progress please try to use World of math. 
  • To see how your students are progressing, you should be able to use the Downloadable report in your coach tools. This tool will let you know how many exercises your students have finished and which progress or mastery level they have reached.

If the skills do not show up in World of math, it's likely that the team intentionally avoided adding it to a Mission for now (we typically add new skills to Missions in large batches once or twice a year to avoid continual progress % disruption), in which case you'll need to manually tell the students to work on this skill. Going forward, we are building features that allow a teacher to assign any piece of content in the library and review completion, regardless of whether or not it is in a Mission.

That said - we realize this can be a frustrating experience in the meantime, so we really appreciate your patience while we improve our longer-term feature set.


Internal ticket: 188221077416159

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