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How do I use the Live Assignment Report?


We have updated our assignment report to give you more powerful insights into your students' performance and progress. When you create an assignment and your students start working, you can open the Live Assignment Report by clicking view report in the Assignments tab. The "live assignment report" works when you assign students different questions or when you assign the same questions to every student. This report updates automatically every 15 seconds, allowing you to see how each student is responding to questions in real time. This can helpful for when your students are practicing during class, and you want to check on their progress, stop practice to address a difficult problem or misconception, or intervene with specific students or groups.



As students complete questions, we automatically sort the report to show the most-missed questions at the top of the list. This will help you focus your review time on the most challenging concepts. You can also sort responses based on your students' first try (best approximation of their current understanding) or their last attempt (to see if they persisted and understood).

Once you are ready to review with your students, you can use our powerful wrong answers feature to identify misconceptions. We hope this information will enable you to easily group students with common misconceptions, pair students with differing misconceptions for support, or inform your whole-group instructional strategy. You can hide and reveal student names to show how many students chose specific correct or incorrect answers.


Finally, to create a fun moment with your class, use the hide/reveal answer button to reveal the right answer after your class discussion.