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99% on 'The World of Math' mission




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    jeff lowe*

    I have the same issue. Stuck on 99%. If I change the language to Hindi and start the mission it gives me a rotation problem, but instructions on what to do unclear, but I'm supposed to give a Yes or No answer. No matter which answer I pick, the Check button doesn't do anything.

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    Ben Harste

    I’m guessing the workaround to change the language to Hindi(?) no longer works?  I tried doing that but Systems of linear equations word problems: Level 2 wasn’t even an option available anymore in that language.  It would be nice if that skill was just erased since all other skills don’t have this problem.

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    Manuel Del Río Rodríguez

    Same problem here! Changed to hindi doesn't have any effect - it doesn't appear among the elements of the mission there.

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    bump, same problem, filed support ticket. Very disappointed

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