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Update: Mastery Mechanics Changes September 2018




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    Mr. Remington

    This is pretty interesting. I feel however as KA gets older it is also getting more complex, which is not always a good thing. The simplicity of a math mission was very straightforward and easy to navigate. I find my students love seeing what percentage of a mission they have finished. This new system seems a lot more complex and harder to gauge. I really hope the old missions won't disappear!

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    Jett Burns

    Agreed Mr. Remington.

    I was talking to another KA user recently about why they didn't really like the new Mastery system's direction or design. They said it's just too complicated, with too many numbers (points, percentage, levels), two kinds of "points" (mastery & energy points), all spread out over a subject without a dashboard like the Missions had, among other concerns. I second his thoughts, but do like how Mastery will work on any subject on KA, and no longer be limited to math.

    I'm sure KA has much more in the works to make this system even better and organized, I just want to leave a little feedback from myself and that other user. I posted about this here as well.

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    Regina Litman

    Jett, I posted a fairly detailed response to the new topic you started (linked to by "here" in your message).

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    Mr. Lira

    Yes, it is very complicated for younger learners to understand and the interface is not as user friendly to explain and use.  It takes them a while to get it. 

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    Plus the Mastery Points suck because it is not tracked in any way on a timeline like the Energy Points.

    So I cannot tell how my student performed in each attempted assignment or to see overall how they are doing each day over a longer period time.

    I love the Mastery Point concept of going up or down but KHAN you have to add the same time dimension you did for Energy to Mastery Points.  I understand that this is irrelevant to the young students like Elementary and maybe Middle School but older students and their teachers need to see this metric in terms of time over days to see how the student is changing or progressing as they do the assignments or challenges they choose.

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