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Update: Removing the “Location” profile field (and other bugfixes)



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    Regina Litman

    Thanks for this update. I hope that the team will apply some bug fixes and enhancements to the apps as well as the web site. And please continue to report on some of the changes. I really get tired of seeing "Bug fixes and performance enhancements" in the descriptions in Google Play and the App Store, only to open the updated app to see either some major interface change or a bug I reported a long time ago finally fixed. In the latter instance, I would have really been happy to have seen it listed in the App Store or Google Play description.

    I think that Khan Academy should set up a link to a page called something like Release Notes, which would report on any change that a user could notice in the iOS app, the Android app, or the web site. And it would be even better if, when it went live, it could contain some past updates and when they happened.

    As for the Location, why did you need to use a Google service? I realize some people might just type "Philly" instead of "Philadelphia", while I might have gotten cutesy and typed "Homonym for a female racehorse" (my protest against the quite informal "Philly"). I don't remember how I originally entered my location. I actually live in a frequently-misspelled suburb of Philadelphia, but I figured that Philadelphia would have been more familiar that my actual location when I signed up.

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    khan academy is one of the best in india. this is very useful for today's student. I am a father of 2 child but i think so. this is very good for my child.


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