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    Regina Litman

    The reason you haven't gotten any more practice exercise questions in the Physics playlist is that there aren't any! In the course/playlist actually called Physics, those are indeed the only three topics with practice exercises. (Actually, in the much later topic Discoveries and projects, there is one practice exercise.)

    In the course/playlist called AP Physics 1, there are more practice exercises. I suggest that you continue your physics studies by switching over to AP Physics 1 until the subject matter for that one runs out. After that, the logical path to take is AP Physics 2, but that one doesn't have practice exercises, either. So you may as well go back to Physics and pick up where AP Physics 1 left off. (There are several videos and possibly also some articles in Physics that are not in AP Physics 1 or 2, so I suggest going back and filling in gaps with the ones that are there.

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