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Stroke victim help with Math


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    Inger Hohler

    Hi sfredericks,
    it's wonderful to hear about you trying to assist your cousin! 
    I haven't used the coach features for a while, but I took a quick look at them now to see if there were any chances that would help you do what you want to do. I did not see any, but there might be ways to work around it.

    As for locking the student to only specific exercises, that would require an external program which could allow only, say 
    Khan Academy web addresses starting with
    In effect this would be creating a restriction on anything but allowed web addresses, as some parents do for their children, and many schools do too. Since your cousin is probably an adult that might want to use Internet for other things, you may need to created a special math user login on his PC with the program in place. I don't know if this will be too difficult for him to handle now. A relative of mine who was an engineer lost his number sense but had no issues reading or writing or painting, but it sounds like your cousin has trouble with somewhat more than just the numbers.

    Unfortunately there is no way for you as a coach to see exactly which task he was offered. If he can use  screen capture (there are some quick ways to do this with a button, if installing the right program) instructing him to take a screen shot of every task might work. It's cumbersome, though. A video screen capture might actually be more useful, but take more time for you to go through.

    I hope these suggestions can give you ideas to move forward.

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